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Secrets of the Code
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Secrets of the Code

Written By : Dan Burstein
Narrator : Jeff Harding and Sian Thomas
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
Length : 3 hours 30 minutes
Type : Ancient
Religion & Spiritual
Knowledge & Learning
Price : $12.25
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Millions of readers worldwide have been hooked by Dan Brown's extraordinary bestseller The Da Vinci Code and are fascinated by questions raised in the novel:


Was Jesus actually married to Mary Magdalene? Did they have a child together? Did geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton belong to secret societies that had the most compelling insider information in history? And did Leonardo convey some of these ideas in The Last Supper and other paintings?

In this New York Times bestseller, Dan Burstein has distilled the views of the experts - archaeologists, theologians, art historians, philosophers and scientists -- to sort out the fact, informed speculation and fiction behind the phenomenon that is The Da Vinci Code.

Jeff Harding has appeared in a wide range of television productions including Howard's Way, The Fast Show, Father Ted and NCS Manhunt . He has also starred in a number of films, such as Tomorrow Never Dies, Hackers and (with Michael Caine) Bullseye ! and has recorded many audiobooks, including Orion's bestselling recording of The Da Vinci Code .

Sian Thomas won the Martini TMA Award for Best Actress as Yelena in Uncle Vanya on its Renaissance Tour and an Olivier Award Nomination for Best Comedy Performance as Vittoria in Countrymania at the RNT. She has performed numerous audiobooks including Another View by Rosamunde Pilcher , As The Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer and A Season of Dylan Thomas .

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