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Essential Dylan Thomas, The
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Essential Dylan Thomas, The

Written By : Dylan Thomas
Narrator : Full Cast Performance
Published By : Select Music & Distribution
Length : 5 hours
Type : Classic Literature
Short Stories
Price : $18.75
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This unique combination of historical and new recordings celebrates Dylan Thomas as poet, writer and performer. Here are some of his greatest poems, stories and broadcasts: readings given by Thomas himself in the 1940s and 1950s as well as new recordings by leading Welsh actors of our own time. Under Milk Wood is Thomas's undisputed masterpiece, an unforgettable, affectionate portrait of a small Welsh town. Written for radio, its intimate blend of poetry and drama made it an instant classic; and so it remains in this unmatched recording with a perfect cast led by Richard Burton. But here, also, are two fascinating earlier radio programmes, Return Journey to Swansea and Quite Early One Morning, written and performed by Thomas, which show the past that led to Under Milk Wood.

The last two CDs contain new recordings of a selection of stories (including Memories of Christmas and A Visit to Grandpa's) and poems in which contemporary performance offers an interesting contrast to the 'authentic' voice of Thomas himself.
essential but with one cut
Kurt Yount from La Habra - 19 Mar 2007
I cannot believe that Do not go gentle into that good night was cut, the last verse, but otherwise it was a great collection and an interesting idea. They almost redeemed themselves because it was read later, but I still couldn't believe it. However it is a worthwhile collection with much that he was known for. Kurt

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