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Life of Christ: The Gospel of Luke, The
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Life of Christ: The Gospel of Luke, The

Written By : Misc
Narrator : Lee Strobel & full cast
Published By : Zondervan
Length : 3 hours
Type : Christianity
Price : $14.99 $8.99
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You’ve Never Met Anyone Like Jesus Christ

Jesus truly is the centerpiece of history. Some people think he’s mostly myth. Others say he was a great moral teacher. But the Jesus who emerges in the Bible is a compelling, strikingly real person who claims to be Savior and God, and the credentials he furnishes set him apart from every other religious figure alive or dead. The Life of Christ will help you get to know him well as you revisit his words, his actions, and the world he lived in.

This dramatized audio edition of the Gospel of Luke brings out the rich, carefully researched details that have secured Luke’s reputation as a preeminent historian. Beginning with the circumstances that surrounded Jesus’ birth, from the political to the prophetic, Luke traces the footsteps of Jesus from his childhood to his ministry years to his death on the cross . . . And to history’s most stunning event, his resurrection.

Featuring an introduction by award-winning author and journalist Lee Strobel, The Life of Christ is beautifully orchestrated and engineered using the most advanced recording technology. This is more than a book of the Bible you listen to. It’s an experience that helps you enter into God’s Word . . . So God’s Word can enter into you.

-The complete Gospel of Luke taken from Zondervan’s acclaimed, Audie Award®-winning NIV Audio Bible Dramatized New Testament
-New International Version—today’s most read, most trusted translation
-Introduction by Lee Strobel—a former atheist, now teaching pastor at Saddleback Valley Community Church and award-winning author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith
-Multiple-voice dramatization brings the Bible to life with world-class narration and colorful, 1-to-the-text character renderings
-Fully orchestrated background with sound effects provides maximum enhancement of the text reading
-Digital engineering from start to finish delivers the ultimate in clarity and listening enjoyment

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