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Love Song Of..., The
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Love Song Of..., The

Written By : Lynn Rosen
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Published By : Play it by Ear Productions
Length : 20 minutes
Type : Dramatizations
Short Stories
Price : $1.75
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On a rainy New York City street corner, Kelly huddles begrudgingly with her mother as they wait for Dad to pick them up for Grandma's party. She'd rather be with her new friends at Columbia - Grandma doesn't even remember anyone and Mom is so... Long Island.
But as they wait, questioning if Dad will ever come, they learn things about each other they never knew, while fearing they'll never know enough.

Cast: Polly Adams - Gloria; Jen Albano - Kelly.
Sound Design: David Shinn.
Foley Effects: Sue Zizza.
Written by Lynn Rosen.
Directed by Eileen Myers.
Produced by Lance Roger Axt for Play it by Ear Productions.
Recorded at SueMedia, Long Island, New York.

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