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Arthur's Dream
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Arthur's Dream

Written By : Fire Springs
Narrator : Various
Published By : Awen Publications
Length : 2 hours
Type : Historical
Music Related
Price : $16.99
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A fresh vision of Britain's greatest story:

The epic of King Arthur-from his conception in sorcerous lust, to the shining wonder of his kingdom, to the scattering of his warriors in search of the Grail, to the tragic endgame of betrayal and bloodshed - all encompassed by the secret cave where Arthur still sleeps, waiting to return.

A magical blend of spoken word and music brings alive "The Matter of Britain" - the story of King Arthur and the Quest for The Grail, drawing on earlier sources than the well-known medieval versions - the Celtic Arthur depicted in the Welsh Cycle The Mabinogion being more darker and dynamic. Follow him as he harrows the Underworld to bring back the fabled Cauldron of Plenty - and how he suffers the consequences.

Fire Springs came into existence in 2000 through Bath Storytelling Circle and performances in Bath Fringe and the Bardic Festival of Bath.

Arthur's Dream premiered at the Rondo Theatre, Bath in May 2001.

Other Fire Springs product ions include The Thinning Veil, Finding the Thread, and Robin of the Wildwood.

Fire Springs

Anthony Nanson founded Bath Storytelling Circle in 1999. He has told stories and run workshops in venues around the country and teaches a popular course in storytelling and mythology at the University of Bath. His stories and critical writing have been published in several magazines and books.

Kirsty Hartsiotis is a former member of the theatre group The Lords of Misrule, which specialises in medieval drama. She has performed in and produced numerous plays, including the Arthurian romance Sir Launfal. She has a special interest in storytelling for heritage venues.

David Metcalfe is a folk musician and storyteller with a particular interest in the indigenous British tradition. He is a singer, guitarist, and bodhran player. A former field archaeologist, he maintains an active interest in the early medieval period.

Kevan Manwaring was drawn to Bath by the legend-filled landscape of the West Country. His epic poem Spring Fall won him the Bardic Chair of Caer Badon in 1998. He has performed and run workshops in venues around the Southwest and has produced seven collections of poetry, including one on CD.

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