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DC Confidential
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DC Confidential

Written By - Christopher Meyer
Narrated By - Christopher Meyer
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
Runtime : 6 hours 15 minutes
Categories : True Crime
Price : $14.25
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Close encounters with Tony Blair, Robin Cook and Peter Mandelson; KGB honey traps in Russia; inside stories on Number 10 and the Foreign Office; and of course life behind the scenes with Blair and George W. Bush ...

Christopher Meyer, Ambassador to the United States from 1997 to 2003, gives a candid account of life behind the diplomatic scenes.

'This is the most interesting, credible insider account of the run-up to Iraq so far published'Andrew Marr, Daily Telegraph

'This high-level account of the run-up to the Iraq invasion is thorough, credible and deflates the notion that Bush and Blair decided early on to go to war, come hell or high water'Jim Hoagland, Washington Post

CHRISTOPHER MEYER was a vital link in the important relationship between America and Britain and had previously been British Ambassador to Germany, and chief spokesman and press secretary for former Prime Minister John Major, "and for Geoffrey Howe when he was Foreign Secretary. In 2003 Meyer was appointed Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission. He was knighted in 2001.

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