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Jarhead (Unabridged)
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Jarhead (Unabridged)

Written By - Anthony Swofford
Narrated By - Anthony Swofford
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Runtime : 8 hours
Categories : Military
Price : $29.95 $21.95
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New York Times bestselling author Anthony Swofford weaves his experiences in war with vivid accounts of boot camp, reflections on the mythos of the marines, and remembrances of battles with lovers and family.

When the U.S. Marines -- or "jarheads" -- were sent to Saudi Arabia in 1990 for the first Gulf War, Anthony Swofford was there. He lived in sand for six months, he was punished by boredom and fear, he considered suicide, pulled a gun on a fellow marine, and was targeted by both enemy and friendly fire. And as engagement with the Iraqis drew near, he was forced to consider what it means to be an American, a soldier, a son of a soldier, and a man.

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