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Lost Continent, The
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Lost Continent, The

Written By - Bill Bryson
Narrated By - Kerry Shale
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 2 hours
Categories : Humor
Price : $18.49
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'Hilarious... he can be suave, sarcastic and very funny... not your typical travel writer' --- Sunday Telegraph.

Hardly anyone ever leaves Des Moines, Iowa. Bill Bryson did, and after ten years in England he decided to go home - to a foreign country.

In an ageing Chevrolet Chevette, he drove nearly 14, 000 miles through 38 states to compile this hilarious and perceptive state-of-the-nation report on small-town America.

From the Deep South to the Wild West, from Elvis' birthplace through to Custer's Last Stand, Bryson visits places he re-named Dullard, Coma and Doldrum (so the residents don't sue or come after him with baseball bats).

But his hopes of finding the American dream end in a nightmare of greed, ignorance and pollution. Read by Kerry Shale this is a wickedly witty and savagely funny assessment of a country lost to itself - and to Bill Bryson.

Written By
Bill Bryson

First Broadcast
BBC Radio 4
28 December 1992

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