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Olive Harvest, The
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Olive Harvest, The

Written By - Carol Drinkwater
Narrated By - Carol Drinkwater
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
Runtime : 6 hours 20 minutes
Categories : Autobiography
Price : $14.25
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'I like to fancy that the part of Michel and I which is our joint soul will continue to inhabit this farm. I also like to fancy that one of the gnarled old trees, its branches decund with fruit, its twin trunks forked and twisted, long since transformed from the silvery green sapling growing promisingly on our property, will be our harbour. Within that twin-trunked olivier, the two limbs growing jointly from one root base, will reside the ame-soeurs, the twin souls, forever locked in embrace of Carol and Michel'

Returning to their home after an extended absence, Carol and her husband Michel are looking forward to summer together on the farm. A shocking blow leaves Carol alone. The future is uncertain. The Olive Harvest takes us beyond the perimeters of her olive groves to where hunters, poets, bee-keepers, boars and Gypsies abide. In search of the language of troubadours, the dark and soemtimes barbarous heart of Provence is revealed. Nature and the generosity of the South of France's harvests offers a path to joy and an abundant resolution.

During her acting career carol drinkwater has worked with Laurence Olivier at the National Theatre, Stanley Kubrick on A Clockwork Orange, and Max Von Sydow in Father. She is probably best known as Helen Herriot in BBC TV's All Creatures Great and Small (tor which she was awarded The Variety Club Television Personality of the Year Award). Her best-selling children's novel, The Haunted School, sold over 150, 000 copies and was made into an award -winning film and TV series. Carol has written for both adults and children, including An Abundance of Ram, Akin to Love and Mapping the Art, as well as the two best-selling memoirs The Olive harm and The Olive Season, both of which she has just recorded for Orion Audio Books.

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