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Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, The: A Memoir
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Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, The: A Memoir

Written By - Bill Bryson
Narrated By - Bill Bryson
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 7 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Autobiography
20th Century
Price : $26.49
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Bill Bryson's hilarious memoir of growing up in middle America in the Fifties - complete, unabridged and read by the author.

 Born in 1951 in the middle of the United States - Des Moines. Iowa - Bill Bryson is perfectly positioned to mine his memories of a totally all-American childhood for twenty-four carat memoir gold.

Like millions of his generation, Bill Bryson grew up with a rich fantasy life as a superhero. In his case, he ran around the house wearing a jersey with a thunderbolt on it and a towel round his neck that served as his cape, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and vanquishing evildoers (in his head) as The Thunderbolt Kid .

Using his old fantasy life as a springboard, Bill Bryson recreates the life of his family in the 1950's in all its transcendent normality. In a period that saw the inexorable rise of television, the opening of Disneyland, the testing of the atomic bomb and the explosion of choice in everything from food to cars, Bill Bryson's days followed in reassuringly cosy succession, enlivened by modest triumphs and disasters.

Warm and laugh-out-loud funny, The Thunderbolt Kid is full of Bill Bryson's inimitable, pitch-perfect observations, and this unabridged recording contains every single amusing anecdote and amazing fact. Nothing is left out, so you can enjoy the whole book in its entirety, read by Bill Bryson himself.

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