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Is It Me?
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Is It Me?

Written By - Terry Wogan
Narrated By - Terry Wogan
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 2 hours 55 minutes
Categories : Autobiography
Rich & Famous
Price : $18.49
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Terry Wogan tells the story of his journey from Irish childhood to chat show host in his own delightfully Iaconic fashion.


Sir Terry Wogan has been clinging to the wreckage for so long, you'd think he'd do the decent thing and silently steal away. Not likely...

Unaided and, indeed, unbidden, comes this forbidding tome — a characteristic cry for attention.

From an unremarkable childhood to a chequered career as a bank clerk, from the Cattle Market Report on Irish Radio to the appalling excesses of the Eurovision Song Contest, no stone is left unturned, no unsavoury details spared.

Has the man no shame?

' bubbles with humour '                Family Circle
' Witty and charming '                 Sunday Mirror
' ... a joy from start to finish .'     Daily Mail

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