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Stone Cold Truth, The
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Stone Cold Truth, The

Written By - Steve Austin
Narrated By - Dennis Brent
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Runtime : 2 hours
Categories : Sports
Price : $11.95
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Austin is a notoriously private man, so this will be first time fans can hear about what it took to become the #1 wrestler in the WWE in his own words.

He's wrestled under many names but to the fans he is and will always be Stone Cold Steve Austin™.

His quick wit and colorful use of language combined with his everyman character captured the hearts of fans worldwide and rewrote the dynamics of professional wrestling forever.

Steve's ability inside the ring and his quick-witted responses lead to his becoming one of the most popular WWE© Superstars of all times.

With the creation of the Stone Cold™ character, Steve's popularity expanded exponentially. It seemed nothing could stop the Texas Rattlesnake™, except himself.

The Stone Cold Truth is an unvarnished take on his life, and you know it's the truth " 'cause Stone Cold says so!™"

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