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It's Your Ship
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It's Your Ship

Written By - Capt D. Michael Abrashoff
Narrated By - Capt D. Michael Abrashoff
Published By : Hachette Audio
Runtime : 3 hours
Categories : Management
Price : $24.98 $17.49
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In the U.S.Navy, preparedness is everything-and the lives of sailors and the safety of the nation are at stake. But when Captain D. Michael Abrashoff took over the USS Benfold, the high-tech fighting ship was anything but ready. Morale was low and performance was poor. Abrashoff had to make changes quick. In this remarkable book he tells how he transformed the USS Benfold into an award-winning model of efficiency and success. Along the way, Captain Abrashoff offers real-world leadership advice for any business:

Start with yourself-As the Benfold's new captain, Abrashoff had to radically revamp his own leadership style to meet his goals for his ship.

See your ship through the eyes of your crew-The Benfold sailors had some legitimate gripes…and some remarkable new ideas.

Communicate, communicate, communicate-His crew would eventually call him "Megaphone Mike," since they heard from him so often.

Standard procedures be damned! Abrashoff made moves that defied traditional Navy protocols.

Guess what? They worked!

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