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Entrepreneur Starter Kit, The
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Entrepreneur Starter Kit, The

Written By - Lyn Christian
Narrated By - Lyn Christian
Published By : Gildan Media Corp.
Runtime : 6 hours
Categories : Marketing
Strategy & Business Development
Price : $19.98 $14.98
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Give yourself the present of a better, more productive future with the Your Coach in a Box series of affordable, life-changing self-help seminars on CD

Each Coach in a Box life course empowers you to open your mind and expand your horizons under the guidance of a bestselling author or establish personal development speaker. Thees are the topics and teachers that achievement-oriented individuals have long travelled hundreds of miles and paid thousands of dollars to hear, now made available to fit any schedule and budget. Whether you're at home, in your car, or on the treadmill, Your Coach in a Box turns those empty hours into time you can devote to your most valuable asset - you!

Stop wondering what you need to do to get ahead. The skills and success secrets you need to reach your fullest potential are within your reach presented by experts who have demonstrated their ability to inspire, instruct and encourage listeners to be their best.

Achieve your dreams at your pace, your place and at a price you can't resist, with Your Coach in a Box.

Stop wondering whether you have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur! Head Trip Audio Magazine offers listeners the tools, tips and steps that some of the most successful life coaches and entrepreneurs have used to get where they are. Now, in its first-ever retail audio package. Head Trip collects some of its best features and interviews into a one-of-a-kind compendium of insights and inspiration for anyone who has started his or her own business - or is even just thinking about it!

More people are becoming successful entrepreneurs than ever before, and you can too. This lively, authoritative program introduces you both to experts and to people like you who are living their dreams, in six information-packed lessons to jump-start your future:

-"Creating Your Exit Strategies"
-"Building Your Marketing Strategies"
-"Getting Your Head Around Sales"
-"Creating Customers Evangelist"
-"Collecting Your Success Team"
-"Communicating Like a Champion"

If ideas are the currency of the new economy, then expertise is like money in the bank. Now is the time to start building the valuable nest egg you will draw on for years to come. Give yourself a "leg-up" on the road to independence and profitability with The Entrepreneur's Starter Kit.

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Rich Schefren - Big Seminar Preview Call - Los Angeles 2005

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Narrated By - Rich Schefren
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Rich Dad's Success Stories

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