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#1Self Help | Success Tool | The Scientific Art of Succes
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#1Self Help | Success Tool | The Scientific Art of Succes

Written By - Steve Majors - The Lazy Investor
Narrated By - Steve Majors
Published By : Steve Majors - The Lazy Investor
Runtime : 2 hours 48 minutes
Categories : Starting a Business
Training and Development
Price : $29.97 $14.97
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"No matter where you live... No matter what your financial situation... In all kinds of varied environments...
You CAN Chart Your Own Course to Success!"

Discover how controlling and harnessing the predictable in your everyday life brings dramatic results with minimal effort.

Napoleon said "Luck is the ability to exploit accidents". Implement these time-tested methods and you'll see that "Success is the ability to exploit luck!"

Success is a science and an art - you can't buy, inherit or steal it - it is non-transferable and never acquired by wishing or hoping, but it is predictable through education. You study of success absolutely predicts your results.

Magnetize your compass for success

Learn the laws of success - for a lifetime of outstanding profits! Discover how to magnetize your internal positive and negative poles - to win the internal war and focus in a positive direction.

Get the 'push' you need at just the right time

Everything you need to break through the barriers and discover, at last, the success that is waiting for you;

- Uncover this secret of the Critical 10%
- Maintain the Proper Altitude and Attitude - create the life you deserve
- Confidently cross the line of mediocrity into the light of success

Develop the knowledge of success

Find, retain and utilize successful ideas to consistently feed your brain. Break the lease with your own "Mr. Hyde", to drive out negative thinking with a step-by-step process. You, too, can gain control of your heart, your tongue and your ambition - enflame your burning desire with effects that last a lifetime!

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How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less

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Optimum Mind Performance Series: Enhancing Self-Image

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