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Baron Son, The
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Baron Son, The

Written By - Various
Narrated By - Kevin T. Norris
Published By : Gildan Media Corp.
Runtime : 5 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Success
Training and Development
Price : $29.98 $24.98
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THE BARON SON: Vade Mecum 7
Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson, D. Marques Patton
A revealing allegorical tale designed as a road map to wealth, power, and success.
A legend from centuries past, set in the desert region Mh’ki, three students seek to unravel the mysteries of the most prosperous man the world had come to know. Their pursuit reveals the core principles necessary for personal and business achievement.
Through characters that are easy to identify with, conversations that are witty and enlightening, you will learn to:
  • Conquer the fears of rejection and loss to overcome adversity, enhance your image, and achieve prominence
  • Unleash the creativity within you and your organization to rise to a privileged level of distinction
  • Negotiate and sell effectively
  • Boost productivity, income, and cash flow
  • Capitalize on hidden opportunities presented through failure
  • Leverage other people to help you create wealth
  • Achieve greatness with few resources
Timeless wisdom and the power of storytelling make The Baron Son a classic for all intrigued by the world of business. It will enlighten you and inspire you to effect positive change in your life.
“The Baron Son is remarkable—a challenging and satisfying guide to success through inspired leadership.”   Tom Peters
                                     Co-author of In Search of Excellence
                                    Author of Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age
Vicky Therese Davis, William R. Patterson and D. Marques Patton are entrepreneurs, sales and strategic business consultants, who have based their success on the principles in "The Baron Son." Vicky Therese Davis is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Indulgence Jewelry Corp., William R. Patterson is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Warcoffer Capital Group, LLC. D. Marques Patton is Co-founder and President of The Warcoffer Capital Group, LLC.

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