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Relieving stress - self development
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Relieving stress - self development

Written By - Dr. Arnd Stein
Narrated By - Dr. Arnd Stein
Published By : VTM
Runtime : 30 minutes
Categories : Self Help
Training and Development
Beauty & Grooming
Price : $19.99 $11.99
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Relieving stress - self development program

Stress has a negative effect on both body and soul. On one hand it leads to restlessness, bad temper and nervousness, on the other hand to organic malfunctions such as cardiovascular or stomach complaints. But inherent necessities and the strains of everyday life are often insurmountable obstacles on the way to sereneness.

The "Relieving stress" program by Dr. Arnd Stein can drastically reduce your stress level with the support by deep suggestion therapy.

Deep suggestion therapy connects essential basics of autogenic training as well as hypnosis and music therapy with a totally new, world wide unique technique of suggestions. A complex network simultaneously whispered and spoken stimulations, encouragement and guidelines, affects in a distinctively positive way to your whole physical and mental well-being.

This program is part of the deep suggestion series invented by Dr. Arnd Stein. It has sold over 2 million copies and proven its effectiveness in scientific studies and systematic observations.

How to use the program
Put on your headphones and sit back comfortable. Listen to the music and after few minutes you will be surprised by the pleasing effect of gentle words and melodic music.

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