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Astrosaurs - Riddle of the Raptors
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Astrosaurs - Riddle of the Raptors

Written By : Steve Cole
Narrated By : Toby Longworth
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Runtime : 1 hour 10 minutes
Categories : Action & Adventure
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic
Price : $13.49
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Many people believe that the dinosaurs were big, stupid, lumbering reptiles who were wiped out millions of years ago when a massive meteor hit the Earth. They couldn’t be more wrong. Dinosaurs had small brains, but they used them well – and when they saw the big lump of space rock coming, they escaped in huge, dung-powered spaceships before it hit.

They went on evolving, and now both plant-eaters and meat-eaters have built massive empires way out in space in the Jurassic Quadrant. But the carnivores are never happy unless they’re causing trouble – that’s why the Dinosaur Space Service needs heroic herbivores to defend the Vegetarian Sector.  

Step forward, Captain Teggs Stegosaur! Captain of the amazing spaceship DSS Sauropod, he goes on dangerous missions and fights evil - along with his faithful crew, Arx the Triceratops, Iggy the Iguanodon and Gipsy to Hadrosaur.

When a greedy gang of meat-eating raptors raid the Sauropod and kidnap two top athletes, Teggs and his crew race to the rescue. But there's more to the raptors' plot than meets the eye. Can Teggs solve their rascally riddle in time?

If you like crazy action, wild adventure, exciting fights, thrills and chills - and if you don't mind the whiff of dinosaur dung now and then - then this is for you!

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