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Toby Tyler - Ten Weeks With A Circus. Episode 4.
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Toby Tyler - Ten Weeks With A Circus. Episode 4. "TOBY'S MISFORTUNE"

Written By : James Otis
Narrated By : Full Cast Production
Published By : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Runtime : 25 minutes
Categories : Audio Theater
Price : $1.50
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A picture postcard of early Americana – when the circus came to town on brightly painted wagons pulled by large teams of horses – when the huge tent city was set up on a twenty acre field bringing magic to a small town – and when every young boy wanted to run away and join the circus. Faithfully adapted from the classic book by James Otis.

Starring Derek Aalerud
J. T. Turner
Sam Donato
Kimberly McClure
Lincoln Clark
Rebekah Nason
Craig Ciampa
And the Colonial Radio Players

Adapted for Radio, Produced and Directed by Jerry Robbins Music By Jeffrey Gage Executive Producer Mark Vander Berg

In this episode, Toby loses the money he has saved to run away with.

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