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Shadow of the Minotaur

Written By : Alan Gibbons
Narrated By : Alan Gibbons
Published By : Orion Publishing Group
Runtime : 3 hours 40 minutes
Categories : Over 10s
Myths & Legends
Price : $12.25
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'Real life' or the death-defying adventures of the Greek myths, with their heroes and monsters, daring deeds and narrow escapes — which would you choose?

For Phoenix it's easy'. He hates his new home and the new school where he is bullied. He's embarrassed by his computer geek dad. But when he logs onto The Legendeer, the game his dad is working on, he can be a hero. He is Theseus fighting the terrifying Minotaur, or Perseus battling with snake-haired Medusa.

The trouble is The Legendeer is more than just a game. Play it if you dare.

Shadow of the Minotaur is the first book in the Legendeer trilogy.

This audio book is read by the author.

Alan Gibbons is a primary school teacher and started writing children's books in 1990. His central themes come from his own experience, and observation of children, Alan Gibbons lives in Liverpool with his wife and four children. He reads his own books.

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