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Assassin, The
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Assassin, The

Written By : Andrew Britton
Christopher Lane
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Duration : 19 hours
Type : Thrillers
Our Price : $29.99
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More than a year has passed since Ryan Kealey prevented the assassination of multiple world leaders in the nation’s capital. While his work is brilliant, he’s considered damaged goods. Now he’s about to become a key player in a plot of unimaginable scale. For something big is about to go down in New York City.

When a top Iranian source reveals that Iran is planning to bomb the United Nations, U.S. Intelligence begins counter-measures. Only Kealey sees it as a smokescreen for another, far more involved plot. But getting anyone to believe him isn’t going to be easy. With only his ally, London’s newest assistant chief, Naomi Kharmai, by his side, Ryan will have to operate outside the lines in order to prevent a terrible attack in a city on lockdown.

A weapon of catastrophic power has been stolen from war-torn Iraq and has made its way to the U.S. The man who has it is Kealey’s nemesis, William Vanderveen, an international criminal mastermind who has no objective other than pure terror and who will stop at nothing to achieve it. Making matters worse, Vanderveen’s being helped by someone on the inside with high ranking security clearance. Even the halls of the CIA are no longer safe from possible espionage and treason. Now, as Kealey and Kharmai race to put the pieces together, they will confront a ghost from the past and be forced to question the people they trust most in a desperate investigation where only this is for certain – time is running out.

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