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Expert, The
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Expert, The

Written By : Lee Gruenfeld
Barrett Whitener
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 20 hours 59 minutes
Type : Thrillers
Legal & Medical
Our Price : $31.99
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Computer mogul James Perrein has been arrested on the charge of selling world-shaking encryption technology to the Chinese.

For criminal attorney Rebecca Verona, it’s an opportunity to advance her career, but it also means defending a man she doesn’t trust. Perrein is her former lover, for whom she once left David Zuckerman, the prosecuting attorney who has just been assigned to the case.

At the heart of Rebecca’s defense strategy is expert witness Rado Terescu, who claims he can prove that the computer chip Perrein allegedly sold cannot possibly yet exist.

Then Zuckerman and the prosecution drop their first bombshell: they have the actual chip. And it may be a major threat to America’s security.

 The worlds of high-stakes law, international intrigue, and cutting-edge technology combine to create a novel of unrelenting suspense.

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