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FATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 1 The Blue Cross
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FATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 1 The Blue Cross

Written By : G.K. Chesterton. Dramatized by M.J. Elliott
The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
Published By : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Duration : 30 minutes
Type : Dramatizations
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From London to Cornwall, then to Italy and France, a short, shabby priest takes on bandits, traitors and killers. Why is he so successful?     The reason is that after years spent in the priesthood, Father Brown knows human nature and is not afraid of its dark side. Thus he understands criminal motivation and how to deal with it.

Episode 1 THE BLUE CROSS Father Brown is traveling to London to attend a meeting of priests, and he is carrying with him a priceless silver cross, studded with blue sapphires.Flambeau, the thief, plans to steal it.

The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air presents


Starring J.T. TURNER as Father Brown. HUGH METZLER as Inspector Craven.

From the FATHER BROWN short stories by G K Chesterton

Dramatized by M J Elliott

Executive Producer MARK VANDER BERG. Directed by JERRY ROBBINS. Produced by MATTHEW McLAREN


(c) 2007 The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air

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