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My Life Among the Serial Killers
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My Life Among the Serial Killers

Written By : Helen Morrison
Helen Morrison
Published By : Harper Collins US
Duration : 6 hours
Type : True Crime
True Crime
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Dr. Helen Morrison has profiled more than eighty serial killers around the world. What she has learned about them will shatter every assumption you've ever had about the most notorious killers known to man.

Dr. Helen Morrison, a leading expert on serial killers, has spent as many as four hundred hours alone with depraved murderers. In My Life Among the Serial Killers, Dr. Morrison relates how she profiled Richard Otto Macek, who chewed on his victims' body parts, stalked Dr. Morrison, then believed she was his wife. She conducted the last interview with Ed Gein, the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. John Wayne Gacy, the clown-obsessed killer of young men, sent her crazed Christmas cards, and gave her his paintings as presents. Dr. Morrison has received letters from killers, read their diaries and journals, evaluated crime scenes, testified at their trials, and studied photos of the gruesome carnage. She has interviewed the families of the victims, and the spouses and parents of the killers.

Through it all, Dr. Morrison's goal has been to discover the reasons why serial killers are compelled to murder, how they choose their victims, and what we can do to prevent their crimes in the future. Her provocative conclusions will stun you.
a great book
Karen Jones from Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - 13 Jun 2006
this is a great research about serial killers! one of the most greats works of this. congratulations!
An extraordinary read
Paulita from Arlington - 16 Jun 2007
Helen Morrison captures the minds of serial killers like none I've ever read. Her attention to the every graphic detail, keeps the reader obsessed and intrigued with every sentence. Her encounters with these evil doers are unbelievable. Definitely not for the squeamish. I felt as if though I watched it on television. She is a great writer.
Incredible read, and an incredible person
Robert from Sanford - 10 Aug 2007
Not only have i read the book, but i had the luck to work with Dr Morrison at a state prison in indiana. It is amazing to see her work and that made the book all the more remarkable. Some of the cases she has included in her book, i got to hear first hand from her. I still was riveted and got chill when i read a case that i already knew. If you have an interest in the workings of this type of criminal mind pick up a copy. You won't be dissappointed!

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