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Origin and Cause
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Origin and Cause

Written By : Shelly Reuben
Adams Morgan
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Duration : 11 hours 16 minutes
Type : Detective
Our Price : $20.99
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Cable-TV mogul Stanfield Standish wrote the book and broke the rules in the news and entertainment industry. When his charred body is found inside the burnt-out remains of his classic 1930 Duesenberg sedan, his family files a $52 million damage suit.


They blame the fatal “accident” on Courtland Motor Company, the firm that restored the antique. That’s when Courtland’s attorney, Max Bramble—suspicious, sharp, and inquisitive—takes over. His first move: Hire private detective and ace arson investigator Wylie Nolan.


As Nolan brilliantly dissects the fascinating anatomy of a fire, Bramble digs deep into the Standish empire, and discovers that the media tycoon scalded many on his way up the ladder. It’s just possible that one of them paid him back with hot-blooded murder, cleverly plotted and fiery in its execution.

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