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Prosecuters, The
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Prosecuters, The

Written By : Gary Delsohn
Gary Delsohn
Published By : Listen & Live
Duration : 4 hours 30 minutes
Type : True Crime
True Crime
21st Century
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Depicting American justice at its best and worst, The Prosecutors lifts the lid off today's legal system with details that are more shocking and graphic than any television show or bestselling novel.

Allowed unprecedented access to spend a year inside an urban prosecutors' office, Gary Delsohn provides a riveting, behind-the-scenes look at how America's increasingly overburdened judicial system really functions. Seen through the eyes of John O'Mara, a tough, jaded homicide chief, and Jan Scully, an accomplished District Attorney—The Prosecutors shows us these dedicated public servants at work. The cases they encounter within this one year are indelible:

The Prosecutors chronicles the real-life legal dramas that are waged daily in our courtrooms. It enlightens, educates, entertains, and even infuriates at times with the miscarriages of justice, but ultimately shows in stark detail the intricacies that make our legal system work.

"...the overall lesson is that justice is, in the end, usually done." — Publishers Weekly

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