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Sullivan's Evidence
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Sullivan's Evidence

Written By : Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Sandra Burr
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Duration : 13 hours
Type : Crime
Our Price : $24.99
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Ten years ago, Carolyn Sullivan recommended a forty-four year sentence for vicious murderer and serial rapist Carl Holden. Cold, cunning, and without remorse, Holden was the kind of criminal the death penalty was made for, and the forensic evidence had him nailed – or so everyone thought. But when the evidence is discredited, Holden is a free man again, and Carolyn is his assigned parole officer. To the state, Holden is a man who has served his time. But Carolyn still remembers the grieving family and the victims who have been betrayed by a miscarriage of justice. She knows Holden for what he is – a stone-cold sociopath – and she’s determined to see him behind bars forever. Then a chance traffic accident introduces Carolyn to charming and wealthy Marcus Wright, a man who seems to have as many secrets as he does bank accounts. Marcus wants Carolyn, and for the first time in a long time, Carolyn likes being wanted. The killings start again. A body is found in the same location where Carl Holden buried his first victim. As more shocking crimes are uncovered, everything Carolyn has trusted as a professional is put to the test. With the stakes rising higher and time running out, Carolyn takes the biggest gamble of her life, one that could catch a killer or take her straight into her worst nightmare.

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