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Optimum Mind & Body Performance Series:  Diminishing & Enhancing Emotional States
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Optimum Mind & Body Performance Series: Diminishing & Enhancing Emotional States

Written By : Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Narrator : Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht
Published By : International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd.
Length : 1 hour 15 minutes
Type : Creativity
Interpersonal Skills
Knowledge & Learning
Stress Management
Price : $19.95
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"Emotions can either make us or break us.  Once we learn how to identify & catch the emotion, then we can decide what to do with it.  Unfortunately, most of us live on automatic pilot & feel we have no choice in the matter.  Nothing could be further from the truth."......Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Emotions are clusters of chemicals that can either diminish or enhance ideal mind & body states.   Most of us tend to harbor negative thought patterns both consciously & subconsciously.   We also tend to forget that we have powerful positive emotional states or clusters as well, just waiting in the wings to bring our body to a healthier balance.

This audio presents tools & techniques for managing emotions at all levels through Awareness Meditation & Interactive Self-Hypnosis.  As you learn to manage your emotional "visitors",  you will be able to utilize ill-spent energy for positive outcomes.

Note: All programs produced by International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd. are written & recorded by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.  Each program has 2 or 3 separate original Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions, each with it's own induction.  All programs include directions for listening & other important information.

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