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#1Business Tool | The Insider's Guide to Sales, Marketing and Negotiation
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#1Business Tool | The Insider's Guide to Sales, Marketing and Negotiation

Written By : Steve Majors - The Lazy Investor
Narrator : Steve Majors
Published By : Steve Majors - The Lazy Investor
Length : 2 hours 34 minutes
Type : Sales
Starting a Business
Strategy & Business Development
Interpersonal Skills
Price : $29.97 $14.97
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Inside-Secrets Of Sales And Marketing Pros That Drastically Increase Your Profits

A Powerful Audio Download that Answers the Question "Can You Sell Your Way To Wealth?"

Discover situations, ideas and questions designed to immediately spark your imagination and enhance your success through powerful business skills.

Successful people further their careers by finding out what the established pros already know. Even if you are new to sales, marketing and negotiation, you , too, will gain the knowledge of the pros by following proven, time-tested methods to gain wealth.

If you are ...

- A young person wanting to impress others with your sales abilities or
- An adult wishing to enhance your negotiation skills or even
- A teacher looking to create a more cooperative atmosphere in the classroom

You will profit from the explosive impact these vital skills provide.

Take advantage of a simple solution for creating personal relationships that are more rewarding than ever. Relationships are vital for our everyday lives as well as being the cornerstone of every successful sales process.

Instant Implementation..

- Reevaluate your current business methods from a more sales oriented perspective
- Gain bonuses, promotions and other accolades at your current job
- Stimulate thinking for business possibilities available everywhere

Everything you need to empower yourself, increase your sales, marketing and negotiating techniques, while building more lasting relationships.

Advice to...

- Teachers trying out better ways to get through to students
- Parents wanting to communicate better with children
- Anyone with a concept to impart to others
- Everyone wanting to improve personal relationships

What's Included...

- What selling is, and what it isn't
- The profession of sales
- 7 steps of sales
- Growing your business through marketing and negotiations
- Mistakes and the closes that work
- The definition of selling
- Direct marketing with results
- Proven direct mail techniques
- Making the most of email
- Harness the Power of the Internet
- Person-to-person negotiation
- Selling skills that will make you King

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