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Writing Attention Grabbing Resumes
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Writing Attention Grabbing Resumes

Written By : Billy Brand
Narrator : Anonymous
Published By : Gregg R Watson
Length : 49 minutes
Type : Interpersonal Skills
Personal Growth
Price : $19.95
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Why do some people get the interview and job, while others with the same credentials, fail? What are the secrets to landing interview after interview? Do you want to stand out in the crowd of candidates? Are you struggling to find the best way to write your resume or do you simply need that extra edge in the down economy? We give you all of these answers and more!

Most of us are modest. Because the work we do every day comes easily, it becomes routine and familiar. Unfortunately that very familiarity and ease can lead to critical omissions in our resume. What exactly should you put on your resume, and how should you phrase it? What should a cover letter say? Who should you direct your resume to within the company? All of these answers and more are revealed in one, comprehensive ebook:

Writing Attention-Grabbing Resumes: How To Write Resumes That Get Noticed, And Get You The Interview

We’ve gathered the most important facts and amazingly successful job seeking strategies from thousands of leading books and career counselors to make job hunting simple.

Stop following your friend’s advice, which is probably wrong. Stop wasting your time sending resumes that garner no response at all. Learn how to give every employer exactly what they expect – from your first contact!

This book helps you understand the hiring manager’s position. It puts you in their mind, showing you exactly what they’re looking for and who they want to hire. Should they invest thousands of dollars on you? Will you help their company succeed? How long is too long? What sets you apart from the others? It’s all so easy, once you learn the lessons in this amazing book.

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