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50 Success Classics
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50 Success Classics

Written By : Tom Butler-Bowden
Narrator : Richard Davidson
Published By : Gildan Media Corp.
Length : 10 hours
Type : Success
Training and Development
Personal Growth
Price : $29.98 $24.98
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A Comprehensive Success Library!

Discover the books that have already enriched millions. This unabridged guide to the literature of prosperity and motivation surveys 50 of the all-time classics, giving you their key ideas, insights and applications—everything you need to know to start benefiting from these legendary works.

From rags-to-riches stories of such entrepreneurs as Carnegie, Buffett and Walton, to master motivators like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Napoleon Hill, to such contemporary business blockbusters as Jack Welch, Spencer Johnson and Robert Kiyosaki, these are the leaders and pioneers who have helped generations of readers unleash their potential and discover the secrets of success.

As you are introduced to landmark works ranging from the classic (Acres of Diamonds, The Science of Getting Rich, The Way to Wealth) to the current (Good to Great, The Millionaire Mind) you will:
· Profit from the lessons of business legends
· Explore the spiritual and financial road to wealth
· Gain powerful insights into success secrets in life and work
· Uncover the strength of the spirit that infuses inspirational tales of personal triumph

50 SUCCESS CLASSICS is a must for any listener working towards personal and financial success.

“Incredible … the very best of success literature ever written” —Brian Tracy

Tom Butler-Bowdon is now recognized as an expert on the personal development field. He has spent more than six years researching, reading and analyzing hundreds of works to compile his guides to the self-help and success classics. A graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Sydney, he lives in works in both the UK and Australia, and runs a self-help/success website at
Here's a worthwhile plug for a Comprehensive Success Library.
John Mignano from Warburton - 20 Mar 2007
Incredible value and for keeping mentally fit throughout our lives increases the chances of staying mentally fit... Having gone through most of the must listen to 50 Success Classics, I can confidently say that this audibook maximizes learning and achievement. It is the only audibook I can ever recall listening four times and I plan on hearing it a few more.

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Words That Work

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Kids MindBody Health Audio Series:  Diminishing Stuttering for Kids

Kids MindBody Health Audio Series: Diminishing Stuttering for Kids

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Sex & Relationships
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Narrator : John Gray
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Self Help
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