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He-Motions - Even Strong Men Struggle
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He-Motions - Even Strong Men Struggle

Written By : T. D. Jakes
Narrator : Richard Allen
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Length : 4 hours
Type : Self Help
Sex & Relationships
Personal Growth
Inspiration & Devotion
Price : $24.95
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Do you find it difficult to express how you feel and what you need in your personal relationships? Do you have trouble communicating and developing relationships with other men? Does the weight of responsibility drag you down? Do you wonder why it seems difficult to get the support and encouragement you need from your wife? Do you often feel that there is a stronger, more effective leader inside you waiting to be developed? Do you wonder what God’s plan is for you?


As a man, you may often feel the pressure of fulfilling many roles in life: husband, father, son, businessman, member of the church community. Now T. D. Jakes comes to your aid with a guidebook to help you understand your own needs for emotional and spiritual support. He offers practical, sound answers to assist you in expressing your needs and having them met in healthy and wholesome ways by those you love. This is a candid, no-holds-barred look at sexuality, spirituality, and the seldom mentioned but extremely important emotions that shape success in every area of a man’s life. Using examples from his own life, as well as from the lives of the thousands of men he has counseled, Jakes gives detailed advice on how to move from struggle to success, from victim to victory.

And ladies, He-Motions is also for you. Inspirational and refreshingly honest, this is the ultimate source for women seeking to comprehend and care for the men in their lives. It helps you decode men’s often baffling behavior and provides eye-opening insights for greater intimacy and healing in your relationships. He-Motions brings clarity and hope to men and helps them strengthen their relationships with themselves, with the women in their lives, and with their Lord. It gives women the solutions they seek as they relate to the men they love. It is a book that will bring you closer together and closer to God.

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