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Missed Fortune 101
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Missed Fortune 101

Written By : Douglas R. Andrew
Narrator : Douglas R. Andrew
Published By : Hachette Audio
Length : 3 hours
Type : Personal Growth
Interpersonal Skills
Price : $24.98 $17.49
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Missed Fortune 101 is like no other money guide you've ever read.

Its author, successful financial strategist Douglas R. Andrew, dares to question the conventional wisdom on personal finance that most people accept.  He shows you how to seize financial opportunities you never knew existed.  With MISSED FORTUNE 101 as your guide, you'll never view your house, your mortgage, your retirement plans, your investments, and your other assets the same way again.

•   Put the lazy, idle dollars trapped in your home to work safely - and reap as much as an extra million.

•   Discover hidden and perfectly legal tax breaks - and treat yourself to some surprising windfalls. 

•   Play the bankers' favorite game—borrow at one rate and invest at a higher one.

•   Explore lesser-known retirment vehicles - and avoid falling into a higher tax bracket when you stop working.

•   Turn your life insurance policy into an investment - and keep your taxes down and your capital up.

•   Find out which low-return instruments should be in your portfolio today - and why they'll become high-return stars tomorrow.

Douglas R. Andrew is a successful financial strategist, lecturer, and consultant in practice for nearly thirty-years. He is the owner and president of Paramount Financial Services, Inc., a comprehensive personal and business financial planning firm with several divisions.

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