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Mona Lisa Stratagem, The
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Mona Lisa Stratagem, The

Written By : Harriet Rubin
Narrator : Harriet Rubin
Published By : Hachette Audio
Length : 4 hours
Type : Personal Growth
Price : $26.98 $18.99
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When a woman reaches the peak of her life, beginning at age 45, only one enemy has the power to threaten her confidence, steal her beauty, make her feel invisible, and even turn the pleasures of life against her.

That enemy is time.

Most Women feel that they die as women when their youth is gone. Yet some women grow more beautiful, experience new pleasures, and accomplish their best work late. They paint or write, find unconditional love and more vibrant sex, run kingdoms or run for office; they have experiences they never thought possible even as sexy, young women.

In her best seller The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women, Harriet Rubin defined the tactics by which young women seeking success can get what they want. Now, taking inspiration from a masterpiece of female beauty, mystery, and immortality, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Harriet Rubin reveals a powerful stratagem for finding happiness and fulfillment in midlife and beyond. Interweaving stories of iconic women throughout history, Rubin codifies serveral tactics - including how to be noticed, how to create circles of influence with you at the center, and how to express talents what have been ripening over decades.

As Sun Tzu's The Art of War teaches warriors to conquer the fiercest enemies, the beautiful and enigmatic Mona Lisa reveals how a woman can define a timeless presence for herself.

After reading The Mona Lisa Stratagem, women will ask, "Who wants to be young when the powers of age are so significant?" For every woman over 45 and for every young woman who wants to get a jump on her future - listen to this audiobook and learn the secrets long kept from all of us but a few.

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