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Narada .. Spiritual Stories and Mantras
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Narada .. Spiritual Stories and Mantras

Written By : Sukumar
Narrator : Sukumar
Published By : Spirit of Relaxation
Length : 1 hour 9 minutes
Type : Prayer & Faith
Inspiration & Devotion
Personal Growth
Price : $21.90
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One of the methods used in the scriptures to pass spiritual knowledge is through stories and anecdotes. This is an especially beautiful style to present knowledge since many things that are being presented can not really be communicated in straight and direct language.

So these stories show what needs to be shown while it requires the skill of the listener to receive what it is intended to show and leave the rest behind since no story can completely match was is tried to be presented. A brief introduction will support the listener. The offering is complemented by mantras.

- Camels in the desert .. about conditioning
- Pratahsmarana Stotra .. A wonderful stotra to be chanted in the early hours of a new day.
- The sick dog .. about our limitations
- Mrtyunjaya Mantra .. The healing mantra; the conquering of death. It offers salutation to the three-eyed lord Shiva for increasing our vitality, to release us from the bondage of death. The mantra is simple and short, is chanted repetitive.
- The vicious cobra .. about applying the knowledge 
About Sukumar
Sukumar Shetty has been a main spiritual teacher and yoga therapist at the Vivekenanda Kendra Institute in Bangalore for many years.

He is now living in Samse, a small village in the hills of Karnataka in South India. The last couple of years saw the house grow to become a seminar house. The teaching of Sukumar touches mind and heart of his listeners. With simple words, in his lively way, he teaches the old knowledge of the Veden in the language of today, for humans of our time. He is able to show us the path to our own source, clear and uncomplicated.

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