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One Song: Lessons of the Silent Masters
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One Song: Lessons of the Silent Masters

Written By : Kevin McCourt
Narrator : Kevin McCourt
Published By : Big Happy Family, LLC
Length : 30 minutes
Type : Health & Recreation
Personal Growth
Price : $14.99 $10.49
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This is the true story of how a lifelong search for love was fulfilled by divine revelation. In a sacred demonstration, an enlightened master revealed the secred to finding love's treasure. The encounter could be called "other worldly" in the sense that the master, a wise and gentle spirit, is not human.

However, it is an experience that anyone can have if they so choose. There are no special requirements. All one needs is a willingness to suspend, if only for an instant, the belief that humans are the only beings in the universe capable of love.

A warm, compassionate song and an enlightening companion booklet make OneSong a truly inspirational experience and a joy for all animal lovers.

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