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Putting Out of Your Mind
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Putting Out of Your Mind

Written By : Dr. Bob Rotella
Narrator : Dr. Bob Rotella
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Length : 1 hour 12 minutes
Type : Personal Growth
Price : $9.95
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This old adage is especially resounant with Dr. Bob Rotella, the best selling author of Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, and one of the foremost golf authorities today. In Putting Out Of Your Mind , Rotella offers entertaining and instructive insight into the key element of a winning game - perfecting your putting. He reveals the unique mental approach that great putting requires and helps golfers of all levels master this essential skill.

Much like Golf Is Not Game of Perfect and Golf Is a Game of Confidence, Putting Out of Your mind  is an informative and valuable guide to achieving a better golf game. While most spend their time trying to perfect their swing so they can drive the ball farther, Rotella encourages golfers to concentrate on their putting - the most crucial yet often overlooked aspect of the game. Great players are not only aware of the importance of putting, they go out of their way o master it, and mastery can only begin with understanding the attitude needed to be a better putter. Rotella's mental rules have helped some of the greatest golfers in the world to become champion putters and for the first time, are now available to golfers everywhere.

From true-to-life stories of such greats as Davis Love III, David Duvall, and Brad Faxon to dozens of game-changing practice drills, Putting Out of Your Mind is the new bible of putting for amateurs amd pros alike.

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