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Real America, The
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Real America, The

Written By : Glenn Beck
Narrator : Glenn Beck
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Length : 6 hours
Type : 21st Century
Self Help
Personal Growth
Price : $30.00 $15.95
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Do you want to live in The Real America?

As one of the most listened to nationally syndicated radio talk-show hosts and the driving force behind the Rallies for America, Glenn Beck entertains, inspires, and informs millions of listeners. In The Real America, Beck continues telling it like it really is, cutting through the fog of modern-day pundits and pontificators who have made it their mission to undermine and underestimate the greatness of America, our strength as Americans, and the power of the American spirit.

With his inimitable combination of self-effacing humor and heartfelt conviction, Glenn rails against many of the forces that keep us from our potential as a nation and as individuals -- and tells how to overcome them. His topics include:

• Family and community
• Politics
• Personal responsibility
• Religion
• Political correctness, the media, Hollywood, and celebrities
• Alcohol and drugs
• Why I wave the flag

Glenn Beck's compelling message in The Real America echoes the ideas he has delivered to thousands of people with his groundbreaking Rallies for America: Once we connect with our power individually, we can empower others -- and then we can be as great and as grand as we have always wanted to be as a person, as a people, and as a nation.

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