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Top Performer
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Top Performer

Written By : Stephen C. Lundin
Narrator : Carr Hagerman
Published By : Hachette Audio
Length : 2 hours
Type : Time Management
Personal Growth
Price : $19.98 $13.99
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What does a street performer have to teach you about sales and service?

A.    Everything you need to know!

Claim Your Pitch (set the tone and make yourself stand out)

Mine the Mess (Look for inspiration in unexpected places)

Juice the Jam (Take a bad situation and use it to your advantage, like a performer who takes a slip-up and turns it into the biggest laugh of the act)

Choose Your Close (Finish a pitch or presentation with a proven crowd-pleaser every time)

...and so much more

Carr Hagerman has been a professional street performer since 1974. He has toured and performed at fairs and festivals nationally and is an experience and leadership consultant and a sought-after speaker who travels and speaks internationally. He lives with his wife, Marian, and two dogs in Minnetrista, Minnesota.

Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D. is a writer, filmmaker, and educator who has inspired audiences on five continents to discover a way of being at work that honors the life energy spent there. As a former national marketing director, business school dean, and serial entrepreneur, Steve's writing  and speaking is a mixture of powerful concepts andpractical ideas.  He lives with his wife, Janell, and dog Bo, in Maplewood, Minnesota.

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