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Coward's Guide to Conflict, The
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Coward's Guide to Conflict, The

Written By : Tim Ursiny
Narrator : Rolland Lopez
Published By : Listen & Live
Length : 3 hours 30 minutes
Type : Success
Interpersonal Skills
Price : $23.95 $15.50
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Go Ahead, Face it! You have nothing to fear!

You're not the only one out there who hates conflict. There are people in our lives who cause us frustration and anger every day. If you're like the rest of us, you'll avoid them at all cost. Success coach Dr. Tim Ursiny shows us that, yes, conflict can be a good thing, and facing up to it can lead to fantastic results! With an open, step-by-step approach, he shows you how to prepare, maintain your integrity and work toward resolution. Interactive Exercises will coach and motivate you to effectively deal with all types of conflict situations, with results that empower and really work!

  • Make conflict less frightening...quickly!
  • Avoid the top 10 mistakes made when dealing with upset people
  • Build your knowlege, skills and confidence
  • Discover the 5 communication styles we all use to face conflict

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