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Inner Game of Selling, The
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Inner Game of Selling, The

Written By : Ron Willingham
Narrator : Ron Willingham
Published By : Simon & Schuster
Length : 2 hours
Type : Sales
Training and Development
Price : $19.95 $11.95
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Selling is 85% emotional and 15% logical

Forget everything you've been taught about selling — forget the hardsell, forget negotiation strategies, forget those closing techniques. In The Inner Game of Selling, Ron Willingham debunks the familiar myths about "sales skills," showing that those tired methods are too shallow and manipulative to do anything but alienate potential customers and drain you of energy and dignity.

Willingham, author of Integrity Service and CEO of Integrity Systems, draws on decades of experience to open your eyes to a whole new truth about selling: Your ability to sell is more a question of who you are than of what you know. Accordingly, why you sell is far more important than how you sell.

Salespeople perform according to their inner beliefs, which ultimately determine their success or failure; The Inner Game of Selling reveals how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, and tells you how to:

• Decide what you stand for
• Develop stronger levels of self-confidence
• Sell the way people want to buy
• Create real value for people, rather than merely sell another unit, product, or service
• Separate yourself from other, ordinary salespeople
• Experience more positive responses and respect from customers and clients
• Develop a dynamic prosperity consciousness that will continually expand
• Understand people and help them feel understood
• Overcome past blockages to your success


Ron Willingham is founder and CEO of Integrity Systems, Inc., an international training and development company with more than 1. 5 million graduates in 80 nations. His organization is the leader in helping organizations succeed with ethical, values-driven people development strategies. Integrity Systems's client list reads like a Who's Who of business: Johnson & Johnson, American Red Cross, IBM, The Guardian Life Insurance Co., Principal Financial Group, Franklin Templeton, and more than 2, 000 others. He is the author of Integrity Service and Integrity Selling for the 21st Century. Willingham lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Inner Game of Selling is available in hardcover from Free Press.

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