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Millionaire Upgrade
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Millionaire Upgrade

Written By : Richard Parkes Cordock
Narrator : Nigel Acheson
Published By : Millionaire MBA Ltd
Length : 3 hours
Type : Success
Personal Growth
Knowledge & Learning
Training and Development
Price : $10.75
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Do you ever wonder if you have what it takes to become a millionaire?

Imagine finding yourself sitting next to a self-made millionaire for eight hours on a long-haul international flight. Imagine that person was prepared to share with you the secrets of their success. For one lucky person this actually happened. Inspired by a 1 story, Millionaire Upgrade is the tale of one very experienced entrepreneur and one very lucky passenger.

The story unfolds mid-air at 35,000 feet as Michael, the savvy self-made millionaire, shares his wisdom, eight-step approach, and magic ingredients for success with Tom, the aspiring entrepreneur. Their mid-air conversation contains all the secrets and practical insight you need to help you make your first million. It shows how you can turn your strengths and passions into an exciting, rewarding, and challenging enterprise.

Better than any in-flight movie, Millionaire Upgrade gets you inside the minds of successful entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires giving you the inside track on how they think and act.


Praise for Millionaiare Upgrade

"It took me a long time to learn this stuff; I wish I'd been on that plane 30 years ago!" (Simon Woodroffe, YO! Sushi & Dragons' Den)

"Millionaire Upgrade captures the essence of what it takes to be successful in anything you choose to do. The rules of success are timeless and simply explained so you can apply them in your own business or personal life." (BJ Cunningham, founder of Death Cigarettes)

"In Millionaire MBA, Richard decoded entrepreneurs and unpicked their millionaire mindset. With Millionaire Upgrade, he has put it all back together again through IBELIEVE and a compelling story. Very clever and a must read for any budding entrepreneur!" (Rene Carayol, Leadership Guru)

"It takes a certain mindset to succeed in creating your own business. This book spells out how you need to think and act to succeed, whether you are an entrepreneur or a professional manager. It's a great read too." (Matthew Barrett, Chairman, Barclays Bank)

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