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Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's Deadly Response
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Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel's Deadly Response

Written By : Aaron J. Klein
Narrator : Stefan Rudnicki
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
Length : 8 hours
Type : 20th Century
True Crime
Price : $16.95
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"Aaron Klein's book is a gripping, real-life spy drama, a fascinating account of one of the opening
battles in the current jihad."Zev Chafets, author of Heroes and Hustlers, Hard Hats and Holy Men: Inside
the New Israel

1972. The Munich Olympics. Palestinian members of the Black September group murder eleven
Israeli athletes. Nine-hundred-million people watch the crisis unfold on television, witnessing a
tragedy that inaugurates the modern age of terror.

Back in Israel, Prime Minister Golda Meir vows to track down those responsible and, in Menachem Begin's words,
"run these criminals and murderers off the face of the earth." A secret Mossad unit is mobilized, a list of targets
drawn up. Thus begins the Israeli responsea mission that unfolds not over months but over decades. The Mossad
has never spoken about this operation. No one has known the real story. Until now.

In this riveting account Aaron Klein peels back the layers of myth and misinformation about the "shadow war" against
Black September and other terrorist groups.

Aaron J. Klein is Time magazine's military and intelligence affairs correspondent in the Jerusalem bureau. He received the 2002 Henry Luce Award and has been a consultant for CNN. Klein was the military-security correspondent and analyst for Hadashot and Al-Hamishmar, two of Israel's leading national newspapers. He teaches at Hebrew University and is a captain in the Israeli Defense Forces' intelligence.

Stefan Rudnicki has won the highest awards in the narrating industry, including a Grammy Award for production, the 2005 Audie Award for narration, and multiple AudioFile Earphones Awards.

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