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Land of Elyon Book 3 - The Tenth City

Written By : Patrick Carman
Narrated By : Aasne Vigesaa
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
Runtime : 5 hours
Categories : Horror & Ghost Stories
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic
Over 10s
Price : $24.95
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This is it: the final battle. On one side is the evil Victor Grindall and his horrific leader, the imprisoned Abaddon. On the other side is a girl named Alexa, who holds the fate of Elyon in her hands. If good is to win, Alexa must find a way to overcome the Lonely Sea, rescue her friend Yipes, and unlock the mystery of the Tenth City. Along the way, she will be attacked from above, betrayed by someone close, and guided toward a final gambit where everything will be put at stake – and great secrets will be revealed. This is the moment for Alexa to become a true hero…and to discover her real fate.

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Written By : Neil Gaiman
Narrated By : Neil Gaiman
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