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MacCVS Pro Development Information

MacCVS Pro is alive and well and a new version is currently under development. This page contains information on the new version 2.5, how to use our Internet repository, and who to contact about code contributions.

About MacCVS Pro 2.5

The most important change in MacCVS Pro 2.5 is that it is "more or less" compatible with standard CVS implementations such as the GNU MacCVS client version 3.1 and later.

Currently, MacCVS Pro 2.2.1 stores revision information (such as a file's CVS version number, tag, etc.) in the resource fork of each file in your tree. Version 2.5 will store this information in a plain text "Entries" file inside a "CVS" directory in each directory of your tree.

To the normal user MacCVS Pro 2.5 will operate very much like previous versions but with greater compatibility. Additionally, this change solves the problem with editing files in Adobe Photoshop. Previously, if you tried to use Photoshop on files under MacCVS Pro control, Photoshop would delete the resource fork of a file every time you saved it, erasing the CVS revision information. Now that revision information is stored in a separate file this is no longer an issue.

Version 2.5 will still generate the Projector 'ckid' resource because many people like how it integrates with CodeWarrior/BBEdit/etc. but the new version will not be dependent on its existence.

Here is a list of other new things in MacCVS Pro 2.5:

  • CVS Watch, Edit, and Unedit
  • New AppleEvent support
  • Binhex 4.0 and MacBinary III encoding/decoding support
  • GZip stream compression
  • Navigation Services support in MacOS 8.5
  • Improved handling of long file names
  • Aliased modules and directories actually work now!
  • Directory tags and empty directories are handled properly
  • Improved user experience, including new project view look and progress indicator dialogs
  • MIME encoding (experimental)
  • Faster AppleSingle decoding
  • Overall improved performance

Here are some items that are "in the works." These may or may not show up in the 2.5 release.

  • CodeWarrior IDE plug-in
  • RBL encoding/decoding support
  • Internet Config support
  • CVS History

Before You Use MacCVS Pro 2.5

The most important thing is that you need to check out a new source tree when using MacCVS Pro 2.5. It will not work with a source tree checked out with MacCVS Pro 2.2.1.

Make sure your file mapping preferences are set up correctly. MacCVS Pro 2.5 depends on this information more than previous versions did.

Getting the MacCVS Pro Source

Since MacCVS Pro is an open-source project, it is usually trivial to modify the application to suit your needs.

There are two ways to get the source:

  1. You can download the current beta version from the download page. It includes all the source.

  2. You can fetch the latest sources from our repository. Here is the relevant information:

    Server Name:
    User:   anonymous
    Password:   anonymous
    CVS Root:   /src/maccvs
    Module:   maccvs25

    The tree is not guaranteed to build at any time nor should you assume that the building and running the source will not be hazardous to your health. However, we try our best to keep things in order

Getting Involved

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