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MacCVS Pro 2.5 Status Page

Page Updated: March 27, 2000

This page contains up-to-date information on MacCVS Pro. The current release version of MacCVS Pro is 2.5b2.

You can download the current development version of MacCVS Pro from the download page.

Information on what has changed in the current tip of the tree can be found near the bottom of this page.

Known Problems with 2.5b2

Here is a list of problems we know about:

  1. Attempting to commit a selection of files might give you an "error -39" if one of the files does not have a resource fork.

  2. The Session Settings dialog allows the user to paste in illegal characters such as return (CR) and other non-printing characters to the server name, user name, password, and other text boxes. This is the cause of many authentication problems.

  3. MacCVS Pro will only create nine back-up files during merging/updating. Upon creating the tenth one, the application will fail with an error -35.

Current Change Log

The current change log shows things that have been fixed or changed in the current sources in the repository since the last released beta.

  • The Universal Headers 3.3 SDK is now required to build the current tip.

  • Integrated Miro Jurasic's Move Tag option.

  • Connection drops from the server are now reported correctly. I'm still working to make the RSH/Authentication issues more intuitive to the user.

  • Server errors during protocol negotiation are now reported.

  • Find Lurkers menu item is always available now.

  • -39 error with committing files that didn't have resource forks is fixed.

  • ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 encoding support.

  • GMT/local time conversion now uses the UTC utilities supplied in MacOS 9. If this library is not present, the old routines are used.

  • Basic contextual menu support. (still work in progress)

  • Fixed -35 error when creating a tenth back-up file.

What's New

March 27, 2005

We are moving forward with adding new features to the source. Release 2.5b2 has been very stable and will be the 2.5 final version. The CVS tree may be in various stages in the next few weeks as new features are added.

Yes, we're back from the dead. 2.5b2 should be available shortly. Please note that building with CodeWarrior Pro 5 will give you problems in the 68k build. This is due to some issues with PowerPlant 2.0. The 68k version will work but the windows will have white backgrounds and other quirkiness. The PowerPC build is not affected by this problem.

The main project file is now in CodeWarrior Pro 5 format. I have also checked-in a Pro 4 project file so you should still be able to build in that environment.

I think for sanity reasons, I'll probably stick with Pro 4 to build the next release.

MacCVS just got a lot easier to build! We have incorporated MoreFiles and Find_icon into the source all you need to do now is pull the tree and build.

Since the Find_icon in the tree will interfere with the one on your disk, if you already have a tree, you should delete the Find_icon directory first before pulling the tip.

June 15, 1999

MacCVS Pro 2.5b1 released. Please help test this version throughly since we're very near to the release version!

  • New AppleEvent support. You can now check out, commit, update, mro, and tag individual project items. Both file and view based models can be used. New "default tag" property. See sample scripts.
  • Commit errors are more explicit now.
  • Progress window redraws correctly.
  • MacCVS Pro now obeys the CVS server "set static" and "clear static" commands.
  • Folder tags are displayed correctly now in the project view.
  • Reveal in Finder now works for directories.
  • Fixed a potentially serious problem where Checked-In responses would update the tag of a binary file even with auto-merging for binaries turned off.
  • Fixed problem where Checked-In responses would un-MRO a file by default.
  • Now uses "Questionable" server request so those annoying "no revision info" errors don't pop-up when sending entries. Instead, files that don't have revision information will be displayed as "? filename" in the message window.
  • New Import dialog that checks user input correctly.
  • Fixed problem where updating a directory from a static to branch tag would not update modified files.
  • Fixed bug in CheckIfAnyItemsQualify() which would cause some menu items to be disabled in the project view.
  • Minor other front end fixes.

MacCVS Pro 2.5b1 is almost finished. We need help with the IDE plug-in effort though. A compiling version is included in the MacCVS Pro source.

May 24, 1999

MacCVS Pro 2.5d14 now available.