MacCVS Pro

MacCVS Pro Wish List

Here's some of the things that people have requested. If you're feeling especially altruistic, you might want to fetch the source and hack something out. Besides, what could be more exciting than working on a scc client, eh?

  • Toolbar - Implement a toolbar with icons for frequently used functions. I'm assuming people probably want it resizable and all that whiz bang stuff.

  • File Mappings - Implement a better management system for file mappings. Maybe hack Internet Config to support it entirely? Ability to import/export mappings lists? (I'm going to try to do this one soon)

  • More Mappings Stuff - Since we don't store any meta data, MacCVS Pro 2.5 has to check the mappings table whenever it sends a file to be committed or updated. So, if the user messes with their mappings and then tries to commit something, it could be messed up. Maybe a more robust (ie. Mac-ish) way of doing this could be implemented (storing mapping info in a separate file? etc.).

  • SOCKS Support - This one is probably for real stud programmers. Implement SOCKS support. Even better: implement a generic sockd application so all Mac TCP/IP applications can use it. :-)
  • Keychain Support - Use the little known keychain API (from that very little known technology called PowerTalk) that is making a comeback in MacOS 8.7. This one is probably pretty easy to do.

  • Find In Message Window - Ability to search for things in the message window.

  • Contextual Menu Support - We already have some basic support on the way but some attention needs to be spent on this.

  • Carbonization and "Un*xification" - this should be easy, but a more complicated part would be to make sure that MacCVS Pro works correctly with the command-line CVS gnu tool provided with MacOS 10. It should work fine (and preliminary tests have been good) but with CVS, there might be some annoying surprises (especially with file system modification dates).

Feel free to add to this list.

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