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Known bugs in MacCVS Pro 2.5

Since MacCVS Pro 2.5 is still under development, you can check the MacCVS Pro 2.5 status page for the latest bug listing. If you have a problem to report, then by all means let us know!

Known bugs in MacCVS Pro 2.2.1

  • MacCVS Pro is rather slow when thousands of items are selected in a project or lurkers window.

  • If you open a non-modified, non-MROed, file with Resourcer 2.0 it will ask you if you want to open the file read only. If you choose the modify the file, Resourcer will update the ckid with a bad checksum! Simply open the 'ckid' resource, type in 0 for the checksum, close the resource and save the file. That should clear up the problem. This bug has been fixed in Resorcerer 2.2.

  • Trying to commit a file that actually hasn't changed will fail. However, the CVS server never sends an error message so you never get any feedback that your operation has failed. This is fixed in MacCVS Pro 2.5.

  • The project views do not update folder tags and other attributes if the folder is collapsed. This is fixed in MacCVS Pro 2.5.

  • Adding a directory on a branch, and then adding files to the branch in that directory can be tricky, because the folder does not gain the branch sticky tag when added, and empty folders do not get created when checking out. This is fixed in MacCVS Pro 2.5.

  • Attempting to run CVS Import on the project directory will result in an "Error 701". You should choose another directory that is not inside your project directory. This is fixed in MacCVS Pro 2.5.

  • Aliased/virtual directories sometimes cause problems during CVS Updates. If you get an error like "Could not update /CVSROOT/Emptydir" then you are experiencing this problem. We have a source code fix available that will correct this in version 2.2.1 and it has already been fixed in MacCVS Pro 2.5.

  • If you paste text into the fields in the Session Settings dialog, such "User Name", you can inadvertently paste in return characters and other non-printable items.


See the MacCVS Pro FAQ for answers to most of the common questions about the current limitations of MacCVS Pro.

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