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New MacCVS Pro public mailing list is working.


About is sponsored byNetscape Communications Corporation and Its mission is to provide free and open CVS client software for Mac OS by coordinating, building, and guiding the public sharing of such software originally developed at Netscape.

About CVS

CVS, the Concurrent Versions System, is a version control system which supports branching, multiple users, and remote collaboration. CVS maintains a history of all changes made to each directory tree it manages. Using this history, CVS can recreate past states of the tree, or show a user when, why, and by whom a given change was made.

CVS has both client and server components which usually run on different systems and communicate via internet protocols. CVS client and server software is available in both source and binary form. The server is compatible with most Unix variants and clients exist for many platforms.

About MacCVS Pro

MacCVS Pro is a completely free CVS client for Mac OS which is available at this site in both source and binary form. Its Finder-like interface with drag and drop capability is designed to be intuitive for non-technical users, and its features such as true CVS Log and Status commands are designed to be useful for professional software engineers. In addition, MacCVS Pro is multi-threaded so operations can be executed simultaneously.

MacCVS Pro was originally developed at Netscape beginning in 1996 by engineers working on Navigator and other projects for use inside the company and has been known internally since then, simply, as MacCVS. Its copyright is owned by Netscape Communications Corporation and other contributors, and is now freely re-distributable under the terms of the GNUGeneral Public License (GPL) status page

MacCVS has been used by Casino Veritas to develop free online casino games for Mac players. Mac players can get involved in some online games as a result of this collaboration. Please read about Daylight Savings Time issues with MacCVS Pro. Free Blog sign ups are now open and we have also expanded to provide No Deposit Bonus and Free Audiobooks which are donated by Audio Book Quest.

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